Akha Hill House Homestay

97 Moo Bann Pong Nham Ron, Moo 7, Tambon Doi Hang, Muang district, Chiang Rai, 57000 T. Doi Hang A.Mueang Chiang Rai P.Chiang Rai

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Akha Hill House Homestay


In 1987, Mr. Apae Amor and 5 families from his neighborhood migrated from Baan Pong Nham Ron and resettled in the downhill area of the village. One day he saw a Karen villager with tourists come by the village and he wondered how the Karen villager could communicate with western tourists. He had a strong interest in learning foreign language so he asked the Karen villager to teach him two English words and he noted them down. Later, there were more tourists coming into the village and he had some chances to expand his knowledge. While he worked as Luk Hab (private luggage carrier), he learned more, became an assistant to a tour guide, and went on to become a tour guide himself. In 1993, he started using his own house to accommodate tourists, eventually modifying it into a guesthouse. In 2007, he realized that a homestay program would also increase the income for other villagers;Thus, the villagers established a homestay in the village.


• Visit waterfall and hot spring
• Hiking and learn about plants
• Elephant riding
• Sightseeing in the village and visit Akha museum


Room rate start at : 60 bath
• Homestay house: 100 Baht/person/night
• Food: 70 Baht/person/meal

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Travellers Support



Available in Thai only



Nearby Place

• Tea plantation area
• Huay Kaew Waterfall
• Hot Spring
• Hill tribe village, such as Lahu, Mian (Yao), Lisu, and Chinese

Homestay Year Standard


Evaluation Date of expire

31 Dec 2014
Ways to contact us

Name-Surname : Khun Apae Amor

Telephone : 053-918442

Mobile phone No. : 089-9975505

Fax :

Email : apaehouse@hotmail.com

Website : www.akhahill.com

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