Baan Tha Khan Thong Homestay

32 Moo 3, Tambon Baan Saew, Chiang Saen district, Chiang Rai, 57150 T.Baan Saew A.Chiang Saen P.Chiang Rai

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Baan Tha Khan Thong Homestay


In 2007, many people throughout Thailand became interested in studying sufficiency economy agriculture in Tambon Baan Saew, which won the best award of agricultural technology service and knowledge transfer for Northern region. Groups of visitors had experienced a good natural atmosphere and the kindness of the local people, so they requested to stay in the area. Consequently, the president of the Tambon Administrative Office, Mr. Somkuan Utawong, the administrative assistant, Mr. Sethasak Phromma, and the coordinator, Mrs. Samneang Intharaphromma, had assigned Baan Tha Khan Thong village to be a model of Chiang Rai cultural landscape program. The village initiated a homestay program following the guidance of the president of the Tambon Administration office and taking care of every visitor as their family. The first volunteer group started with 10 houses for 50 visitors. Later on the village became more famous and the numbers increased to 24 houses for 100 visitors.
In 2009, the dean of the faculty of Management Sciences of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Assoc. Prof. Chuklin Onvijit, and his team provided support and advice on the homestay program. They provided training for homestay hosts, cooking programs for visitors, local tour guides, as well as advice on proper performance. The villagers then set up a village homestay committee and voted for Mr. Sathein Boonpok as the head of the homestay group. This would lead Baan Khan Thong homestay to the highest of Thai standards.


• Bike tour in fruits orchards and sightseeing Mekong river bank
• Give alms for monks in the morning
• Boat cruise in Mekong River, the natural border of Thai and Laos
• Collect Kai, the seaweed of Mekong and cook with Kai
• See demonstration of how to make organic coarse rice
• Visit cricket farm
• Visit natural pig farm
• Learn about sufficiency economy agriculture
• Visit fish cage cultivation
• See Northeastern style weaving
• Boat trip to Lao and visit villages of Tai Leu, Tai Dam, Lao Toeng, and Lao Soong in Laos
• Visit ancient temples in Chiang Saen
• Historical boat trip to Suwan Kom Kham ancient city


Room rate start at : 100 bath
• Homestay house: 180 Baht/person/night
• Food: 60 Baht/person/ 2 meals (dinner and breakfast)
• Local performances (many shows to choose from): 300 – 3,000 Baht/set
• Wrist-binding ceremony and facilitator: 1,000 Baht
• Local tour guide: 200 Baht/person/day
• Bicycle rental: 20 Baht/day
• Itok car rental (for 10 persons): 300 Baht/day

Accomodation Support


Travellers Support



• Jiaogulan
• Hoan Ngoc
• Northeastern style hand-woven textile
• Product from hand-woven textile
• Hill tribe embroidery
• Organic rice
• Basketry
• Fried crickets



Nearby Place

• Golden Triangle
• Hall of Opium
• Chiang Saen, the ancient city
• Mae Sai, the border of Thailand and Myanmar
• Doi Tung Palace
• Suwan Na Khom Kham ancient city in Laos
• The teak temple of Wat Pra That Pha Ngao
• Baan Sob Yab temple
• Jomkitti temple

Homestay Year Standard


Evaluation Date of expire

31 Dec 2014
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Name-Surname : Khun Satian Boonpok

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Mobile phone No. : 086-1942647

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