Thai Saek Homestay

104 Moo 5, Tambon Aadsamart, Muang district, Nakhon Panom, 48000 T.Aadsamart A.Mueang Nakhon Phanom P.Nakhon Phanom

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Thai Saek Homestay


The villagers of Aadsamart call themselves ‘Chao Saek’ people. They have their own dialect, but not a writing system. Saek means bright. Initially, Chao Saek people lived in Xishuangbanna, China. Later, they moved to Vinh city, Long city, and Hue city, which is on the border between Vietnam and China. Chao Saek people were liberal and they have their own unique cultures, such as language, costumes, food, beliefs and ceremonies.


• Wrist-binding ceremony
• Learn about Tai Saek tribe and their livelihood and culture
• Boat cruise to see fishermen livelihood in Mekong
• Enjoy cooking demonstration (with Mekong fish)
• Enjoy Saek Ton Sak performance
• Visit herbal garden


Room rate start at : 200 bath
• Homestay house including breakfast: 200 Baht/person/meal
• Food: 100 Baht/person/meal
• Mekong boat cruise: 50 Baht/person
• Wrist-binding ceremony: 1,000 Baht/group
• Saek Ton Sak performance: 5,000 Baht/group
• Thai massage: 300 Baht/person/course
• Facilitator: 150 Baht/group
• Shuttle service: 1,000 Baht/group
• Boat cruise to see local livelihood: 200 Baht/trip (charter trip: 1,000 Baht/hour)

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Nearby Place

• House of former governor
• Thai-Vietnam Friendship museum
• Fresh water fish aquarium of Baan Nhong Yat and OTOP center
• Mekong boat cruise to enjoy nature along the Mekon River
• Visit Phra Tew Phra Tiam
• Visit Indochina market
• Visit the third Thai-Lao friendship bridge

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31 Dec 2014
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Name-Surname : Khun Siriphan Saiklang

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Mobile phone No. : 084-5175905

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