Baan Pong 3 Homestay

155 Moo7, Baan Pong, Tambon Inthakin, Mae Tang district, Chiang Mai, 50150 T.Inthakin A.Mae Taeng P.Chiang Mai

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Baan Pong 3   Homestay


‘Pong’ is the local geographical term which refers to a wetland area covered by grasses. When standing in the area, people may feel as though the ground is shaking or unstable. Therefore, the village is called ‘Baan Pong’. As the area has been developed, more people have moved in. The municipality of Muang Kan Pattana established regulations to announce Baan Pong area as a village. Baan Pong divided into three sub-communities: Baan Pong Community no.1, Baan Pong Community no.2, and Baan Pong Community no.3. There is no Kam Nan or village headman as the leader of these communities.


• Learn about local livelihood
• Rice farming
• Make a scarecrow
• Mill rice with a stone mortar
• Cook local food and desserts
• Learn about organic farming
• Learn about local wisdoms
• Learn about local basketry from bamboo
• Learn about banana leave handicraft
• Learn about paper art
• Make Pha Pa tree
• Spin cotton yarn
• Learn about local culture
• Thai dance
• Drum show


Room rate start at : 150 bath
• Accommodation (not include breakfast): 150 Baht/person
• Food: 60 Baht/person/meal (in group: 120 Baht/person/meal, including Khan Tok dinner)
• Snacks: 20 Baht/person/meal
• Local tour guide: 200 Baht/10 persons /day
• Performances:
• Small (3 performances): 2,000 Baht
• Large (6 performances): 3,500 Baht
• Bicycle rental: 20 Baht/day
• Tour on three wheel motorcycle: 100 Baht/person/day
• Wrist-binding ceremony and facilitator: 1,000 Baht
• Basketry activity: 500 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Banana leaves handicraft activity: 500 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Paper art activity: 500 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Pai Tong banana leave handicraft: 300 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Jor Tong banana leave handicraft: 300 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Cooking and making desserts (Kanom Tian, Kao Tom Mud, Kanom Sod Sai): 1,000 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Rice planting activity: 8,000 Baht/time (10 persons)
• Rice milling activity: 500 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Local performances course (local music/drum performance): 300 Baht/site (10 persons)
• Organic farm activity: 300 Baht/site (10 persons)

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Nearby Place

• Wat Baan Pong, praying for longevity with Luan Pu Noi
• Wat Ban Den, valuable local folk arts
• Wat San Pa Tong, pay respect to Prachao Ton and see old temples
• Wat Paa Jee, see local folk art painting in the temple
• Wat Wang Daeng, visit unconventional style temple
• Wat Muang Kham, learn about contemporary folk arts and temple painting
• Wat Nong On, pay respect to old Buddha statue
• Wat Hang Dong, local-style architecture
• Sri Raming abbey, meditation
• Aranyawiwek forest temple, dharma talk with monks, vipassana
• Sam Kan King monument
• Inthakin Archaeological Site-Museum
• Paper elephant demonstration center

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31 Dec 2014
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Name-Surname : Khun Ud Kanthawong

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Mobile phone No. : 081-1652136

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