Paang Daeng Nai Homestay

463 Moo 9 T.Chiangdao A.Chiang Dao P.Chiang Mai

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Paang  Daeng Nai Homestay


Paang Daeng Nai village had been known by tourists especially foreigner . Many tour buses had brought the tourist to visit and spend over night in the community which had only 5 houses . Now it’s more well known as Paang Daeng Nai Royal project has expended to the community to support and promote agriculture to the villagers and applied the integrated farming to the Learning Center in the community .To serve more tourists come to the village , Home stay is developed to make more community income .


1. Sightseeing and testing winter fruits from the trees such as persimmons and peach
2. Visiting the garden and taste fresh strawberries.
3. Experience cold weather of the top of the Mon Ya mountain (there is tent country yard)
4. Visiting winter vegetable bed .
5. Watching traditional tribe performance .
6. Visiting and studying organically agriculture at Mae Hae Royal development Center
7. Visiting nature mineral water source .
8. Visiting rare plants in conserving area (Mae Sa Ya water shed management Unit)
9. Observing nature and ecology in Mae Hae Forest Conservation.
10. Study the Karen’s Life style .
11. Observing the mong’s housewives producing hemp fabric and Karen’s hand weaving
12. Observing Thai Sakura flowers (Naang Paya Sua Krong) during winter time in Mae Hae Royal Project .


Room rate start at : 120 bath
Service Rate :
Accommodation – 120 baht / night / person (breakfast included )
Food - 70 baht / meal / person
Refreshment - 20 baht / meal / person (banana in coconut milk pumpkin in coconut milk , boiled corn , red bean in syrup)
Other service
8 ecotourism are
1. Home Stay accommodation 120 baht / night / person . Coffee , tea , ovaltine PS. Serve for breakfast
2.Tribe performance by young adult group - 300 baht / small set , 500 baht / big set consist of sword dance , Nang Roi Ngern dance and tribe singing .
3.200 baht for a local tour guide for one group . (one guide for 10 tourists)
4. Admission fee for agriculture bed learning is 20 baht / person (less than 5 tourists a group for 150 baht
5. Admission fee for the integrated farming and sufficiency economic farming 200 baht /a group (less than 5 persons 100 baht / group)

Accomodation Support


Travellers Support



- Nature dying fabric
- Agriculture Product such as pineapple , passion fruits longans



Nearby Place

- Pra Taad Baan Pang Daeng Nai .
- Baan Paang Daeng Nai Royal Project .
- The ancient governor’s building and the village pillar.
- Tung Song Royal Development Project.
- Mae Win Elephant Camp.
- Huay Krasae Waterfall
- Baan Pong Smit Waterfall
- Baan Huay Yen Waterfall
- Pra taad See Somdet & Pra Putta Chinna wong Meditational Resident .

Homestay Year Standard


Evaluation Date of expire

31 Dec 2013
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Name-Surname : Mr.Nanta Asung,Mr.Tan Jongtan

Telephone : (+66)811807194

Mobile phone No. : (+66)913079551

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